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Obrigatório *

Campo inválido (obrigatório or valor incorreto)

Campo inválido (obrigatório or valor incorreto)

Campo inválido (obrigatório or valor incorreto)

Campo inválido (obrigatório or valor incorreto)

Campo inválido (obrigatório or valor incorreto)


 A. Choose the correct answer:

1. Mr. and Mrs. Henderson have been living on Main Street ____ 1985.

 for   in   since 

2. I’ve decided ________ a beard.

 grow   growing    to grow 

3. Should I look _________ the definition of this word?

 up   out   on 

4. I haven’t ____ at a restaurant all month.

 eating   eaten    ate 

5. By the time I got home yesterday, my children ______ already finished their homework.

 have    had   were 

6. She’s been a plumber ____ twenty years.

 from    since   for 

7. Does Roberta ____ to drive downtown?

 like    avoid   enjoy 

8. Why didn’t you ____ in the choir last Sunday?

 sing    sang    sung 

9. I don´t like to watch TV, and my brother ________ either.

 does   is   doesn’t  

10. Where were you when it started to ____?

 rain    rainy    raining 

11. I’ve already ____ 20 invitations.

 write    wrote    written 

12. Mr. Peterson has been in the hospital ____ last Tuesday.

 for   since   with 

 13. When you’re learning _______, you have to keep on ____.


 to skate / practicing   skating / practice   skate / practice 

14. Take ______ your sweater. It’s warm here.

 in   off   on 

15. I haven’t seen Charlie ____  long time.

 on   for   in a 

B. Complete the sentences with the appropriate verb form:

1. Shirley ________ her book a few days ago. (lose)

2. Have you ________ your electric bill this month? (pay)

3. By the time Mary got to the theater, the play _______ already ________. (begin)

4. I won’t be home this evening __________ be ___________ late. (work)

5. Gregory has never ________a tuxedo, but he’s going _________ one

to his brother’s wedding. (wear)

6. Nancy still ___________ to high school. She hasn’t started college yet. (go)

7. We ____________ 2 loaves of bread when we went shopping the other day. (buy)

8. What’s the matter with Ronaldinho?

     He ____________been __________ well lately. (feel)

9. Cynthia burned herself while she ___________ ___________ dinner. (prepare)

10. Mrs. Jones ___________ ____________ _____________ Spanish for the past few years. Before that, she ____________ French. (teach)

C.  Write the question:

Ex.   We’re discussing politcsWhat are you discussing?

1. I’ll be home at 7:00.

2. He forgot your address.

3. They’re leaving  because it’s late.

4. I’m going to take a walk.

5. They go jogging every day.

D. Complete the sentences. Use so/too/neither/either.

Ex. I can’t  baby-sit tonight, and  neither can  my sister .

1. I’m going camping tomorrow, and ___________________ my friends.

2. Helen got up late, and her brother ___________________.

3. I don’t remember his address, and ___________________ my mother.

4. I’ve been trying to lose weight, and my daughter _________________ .

5. I wasn’t at the school picnic, and George and Norman______________.

6. Janet won’t be having lunch with us, and ________________________. Mildred.

7. Gloria wants to go to the football game and, ___________________ her sister.

8. Mr. Warren had never traveled overseas before, ________________ his wife.

E. What  are they  saying ?

cross out                     look up                             turn down

do over                        think over                         turn off

give back                    throw away                      use up  

write down                 


1. What’s the matter with the radio, Grandma? Is it broken?

No, it isn’t. I _________________ because I couldn’t  stand listening to that loud music.

2. Are you going to accept your new job offer?

I don’t know. I’ll have to ____________________ carefully.

3. What’s Mr. and Mrs. Warren’s telephone number?

I’m not sure. Why don’t you _________________ in the phone book?

4. Did Alice accept Fred’s invitation to the dance?

No, she didn’t. She had to _________________ because she already had a date with somebody else.

5. Do our neighbors still have the key to our house?

No, they don’t. They _______________ after our vacation.

6. What’s Donald’s new address?

I’m not sure. But I know I’ve _________________ somewhere.

7. Mrs. Smith really liked the English composition I handed in.

I envy you. You won’t have to ______________ tomorrow.

8. Where’s the sugar?

I’m sorry, but there isn’t any. I ____________ when I made that carrot cake last night.

9. Should I erase all the mistakes in my science homework?

Why don’t you just _______________________?

10. What did you do with this morning’s newspaper?

I____________________. Didn’t you already read it?